Fishing trips Dubai

fishing trips dubai

Whether you have the great passion for fishing or you simply want to try it for fun’s sake, take a tour with us and you are guaranteed to have a memorable time plus learn a thing or two about fishing trips Dubai. When it comes to deep sea fishing, many who have already enjoyed the experience consider it a good activity and one for the whole family. The Arabia gulf presents a top notch deep fishing destination and also a region where it is seen as a sign of superiority to be able to catch your own big fish.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Things get all the more phone when you have the suitable guidance and good equipment for your fishing tour. If you choose us for the fishing trip or rent one of our boats you do not have to worry about fishing accessories since everything is provided for.  Our equipment is up to date with features such as a navigation system, safety features and fish locating systems as well to make the whole experience convenient, fun and extremely safe.

fishing dubaiOur charter boats can take on board up to eight people at a time which means one complete family can easily have a fun-filled Fishing trips Dubai. Refreshments and snacks are also provided on board along with bait and other equipment needed; this means you have to practically bring nothing nor make any preparations for the trip, just hop on board and leave the rest to us!

Fishing trips Dubai

To match the needs of distinct customers we offer various packages so you may choose one that suits you. If you are more of a fishing fanatic then our charter boats will be the best choice for your deep sea fishing session. If you are more interested in savoring your catch, good ambiance and luxury then choose from our yachts where you can set up a BBQ.

If you are looking for the real big fish found in the waters of Dubai then you may opt for our trolling fishing package. While your boat slowly roams the sea, you will be offered a great chance to catch the much bigger pelagic fish such as Barracuda, King Barracudas, Grouper, Kingfish, Cobia, Queenfish, & Trivially. Show off to your friends and family when you get back with your big bag of fresh catch and of course don’t forget to take some interesting picture on the fishing trip.

dubai fish tripBottom fishing is an another technique of fishing trips Dubai which you can learn with our professional team or if you already know how it is done you would also know why it’s done; large predatory fish like the Grouper, Halibut, and the Red snapper are found by the reefs, buoys and the wrecks. And the best way to reel in one of them is using the bottom fishing method. This method though may sound simple actually requires certain skill and anchoring tactics. If you do not know of these, nothing to worry about; our team of experts will turn you into a pro in no time at all!

If big game fishing is more your thing then you may choose from our bigger charter boats and if you are concerned about finding the large fish, don’t be, we also have that covered for you. Our boats have the fishfinders, also known as bottom machines or echo sounders, making the fishing tour a fun and easy one.

Activities such as fishing in Dubai aren’t just fun ways to get outdoors, but they’re also a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids and reconnect them to nature. Also fishing is also an educational experience since it really increases one’s knowledge about the sea and the many species living in it.

There’s so much more to fishing than rods, hooks, wellies, and worms! Fishing trips Dubai is one of the greatest pastimes and offers many benefits. However, you may not have known that fishing is actually good for you! It actually relieves stress, increase body fitness and encourages concentration. Fishing is an excellent hobby to take up why not try a basic package with us and decide for yourself?

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